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Argentina: La Nación

Chile: El Mercurio
Colombia: El Tiempo

México: La Jornada

Perú: El Comercio

Spain: El País


About Spanish Language

Verb Conjugator

Spanish Grammar Exercises

BBC Spanish Language

Radio Lingua Network


Spanish Dictionary

Word Reference Spanish-English Dictionary

Online Spanish Thesaurus

Google Traductor


Centro Virtual Cervantes
La Página del Idioma Español
General Resources on Latin America


"I can’t thank Lía Marson enough for the work that she did for me on the Spanish training material and presentation that I used on my recent trip to Latin America and during many on-line training sessions in Spanish.

Because she was able to customize her instruction to suit my needs, she deserves a significant amount of credit for the success of the venture. In a short time, she was able to help me with specialized vocabulary for financial modeling terms (credit spread, allocated capital, etc.), as well as terms used in an on-line application (drop-down list, sign-in screen, etc.), plus brush-up lessons on supporting grammar. I also appreciate the time that she took to research the specialized terminology.

Liá’s efforts were particularly helpful, when, in one English training session, I realized that many of the people in the room were non-English speakers. Thanks to the presentation we worked on and the work we did together, I switched to Spanish on the spot-and my efforts were very well-received.

On a personal note, I also appreciate how she helped me bring my sense of humour out in the presentation-training can be awfully boring without some “lighter” moments. ¡Muchas gracias!"

Senior Project Manager, Scotia Capital

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