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Choose from a variety of general or business Spanish courses, from complete beginners to advanced, and learn effective communication with our team of highly-skilled, native Spanish-speaking instructors.

Classes are offered mornings, lunch times or afternoons and conducted at your workplace in groups limited to ten students, to ensure interaction and personal attention. Private or semi-private instruction is also available.


This program consists of six progressive levels of Spanish language training and is designed to develop the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing contemporary Spanish within a cultural framework. Students will become familiar with all areas of grammar and essential vocabulary.

Additionally, each level includes supplementary business communication.

Levels: Beginners I and II, Intermediate I and II, Advanced I and II.


These classes are designed for students who have completed our Spanish Basic Program, i.e. they can express themselves clearly and easily in every day situation. These classes build your confidence by providing opportunities to discuss debate and exchange ideas, through communicative activities and tasks.

General Spanish with a cultural and business slant
Designed for students who have solid knowledge of grammar and terminology but are unable to converse. These classes will help you develop your listening and speaking skills within a general and business framework.

 Business Spanish
Designed to develop general business terminology needed to interact in a number of different areas at the workplace. 

Spanish for Specific Purposes
Classes are customized to your specific business communication needs.  For instance, it may include training in making presentations, mastering specialized terminology, understanding or composing correspondence, interviewing, or negotiating.

Short Spanish courses prior to a presentation or a business trip
These courses will be most suitable for people who need to increase practice and confidence prior to a presentation or a business trip.


“I have had many language teachers over the years but none of them have been as talented or effective as my instructor in SAY IT IN SPANISH. She has been consistently creative, organized and inspiring. She took a personal interest in us and this motivated us to do more work for her than most of us would normally do for another professor."

Doctoral Candidate

On-site spanish language training for corporations - Business and general courses - Group and private classes

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